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How much does a driveway gate cost?

Property owners often have questions about the cost of a new gate installation for their property. Their concerns are understandable since costs will vary depending on several factors. If this is your first time looking into it, the obvioius answer is, prices may vary.  For instance, a driveway gate can have many different options, and each option may add additional costs to the final price. Our guide below aims to help you decide which type of driveway gate will work best for your home whether you are interested in an automated gate for ease of entry, security for your property, or just a to install decorative custom designed gate.

Electic Gate Costs

Electic Gate Costs It’s hard to estimate an electric gate cost without all of the proper information. The costs of these automatic gates vary and some cost below $2500 while others cost above $10000. Electric gates are popular since they are easy to install and boost the security of the property. They also increase the value of your property and enhance the curb appeal. Below here, we look at what to consider when estimating the cost of an electric gate. Keep reading. Residential or Commercial Gates Obviously, a residential drive away gate costs less than a commercial drive away gate. The reason being, home gates are simple with fewer security installations. On the other hand, the commercial gates are highly enhanced and fitted with a sophisticated communication system. Due to these, their costs are more. Additionally, the size of the gates is bigger, and his means the investment will be more. On the same note, some individuals go to a great extent and are willing to spend a fortune to enhance the security of their home drive away gates. For instance, installations such as intercoms will increase electric gate price to thousands of dollars? If you choose to buy a personalized option, a Custom gate price ranges from between $3500 to $20000. Do you need automation or Gates with Automation? If you have a drive away gate in place, then the electric gate installation price will be less since now you’ll only need to automate. However, if you don’t have an existing gate, then there’s a need to install the gate plus automation. You may need to replace an old gate with a new automated one. Alternatively, you can add an electric or automation system to the gate. In this case, installing a new gate and automation will be expensive than just automating. The style of the gate Modernity has entrenched in each and everything, and modern style gates are the in-thing. Whereas some property owners love classic artwork on their driveway, some would want their gates a touch of modernity and sophistication. If you’d love your gate to have exotic elements, then the cost will escalate. Additionally, your entrance will also determine the type of gate. An electric slide gate comes with different requirements, such as tracks. These require proper installation, and hence it will cost you a lot compared to just a standard gate. The advantage of swing gates is that they work well if you have your land area is small or where the property has proximity to the main road. An automatic slide gate is more expensive and requires a lot of space, unlike the swinging option. All the same, the slide gates also vary in terms of design and cost. For instance, a V Track and rear pipe can cost between $500 to $3000. Likewise, a sliding cantilever can cost between $1000 to $4000. How many gates do you need to be installed? The cost of installing one gate is lower than many gates. The design of the driveway will determine the number of gates. Similarly, it will also determine the coverage or size of the gate. Therefore, it will be expensive, putting up a large gate as opposed to a small one. Power connection Most people don’t generally think about the cost of electricity when putting up an electric gate. However, when installing an automatic gate, the power supply is an essential factor to consider, not unless there’s an existing connection in place. For your electric gate to function as it should, power cost is an unavoidable cost. Typically, the cost of using electricity is high. However, solar is a cheaper option that will cut your power bills significantly. Solar gates are not only energy-efficient and money-savers, but also helps protect the environment. Your installation costs will be lowered and will be your future costs. Notably, this works best for gates in a busy location that has to be frequently opened and closed. Other costs Other than the amount you pay for the gate, there are other costs to factor during the installation of a driveway gate. The installation will start from the fence and include posts installed n footers. Such posts cost up to $2000 depending on the material. Hinges are a must since they allow the gate to swing when it is opened. A durable hinge may cost up to $100 per unit.

Automatic Driveway Gate Costs

Automatic driveway gate costs vary when it comes to the fitting of sensors. A typical gate will cost up to $5700; yet, if you decide to add a remote control, the cost can raise up to over $10,000. All these prices are different depending on the style. If you need a probe added to your gate, this will raise the cost by up to $400. A probe is a useful device that triggers the electric gate to open. Unfortunately, probes are not ideal for places where there are lightning incidences. An Optex sensor is installed near the roadway and alerts of an oncoming vehicle. The cost of an optex is approximately $600. Full wiring that incorporates a loop system will cost up to $1000. A keypad is another feature whose cost is an essential consideration. A keypad is a program with an access password or code. The cost of a keypad can run up to $250 for the wired option. Still, a wireless keypad is cheaper at $150. Some more advanced options require connectivity to a cellular phone network, which can cost between $1000 to $3000. It can also attract monthly data charges depending on the data provider. Do you need to install an electric gate? If you’d like to install an electric gate, then you can discuss it with your service provider. However, it’s crucial to get a free quote and discuss the options available. Luckily, the company undertaking the installation will include the cost of labor in the breakdown of the electric driveway gate cost. Hopefully, now you have a rough idea of how much it’d cost you to install a driveway gate.

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